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EFF TOURISM project is developed by a consortium of seven organizations from Spain, Slovenia, France, Hungary, Poland and Estonia. 

The blend of skills and experiences across the partnership will ensure that each of the identified outputs have key, experienced organisations driving activity forward. The consortium represents a strong mix of organizations with a wide background and experience in training, fluvial tourism, innovation and environment



Nowadays CLUTUREX is the reference in terms of tourism innovation in the region of Extremadura. Founded in 2009, it has currently 84 members, presenting a mix of local associations, SMEs, public entities that support tourism, universities, knowledge centres... and a reach of over 200 SME's.

Its main objective is to work for boosting and promote the tourism in the region through cooperation projects developed by joint effort of its members and creating synergies to the innovation among its members. Currently, more than 70 business ideas of its members are looking for funding and it cooperates with more than 40 regional, national and international organizations. 

Some of the services provided to members include training, marketing advice, identification and execution of innovative projects, representation at regional, national and international fairs, analysis of tourism industry and communication of results, dissemination of members events and activities, organization of working days for the members. 





IC MEJORA is an engineering and consulting environmental firm that develops its work supported by technical specialists in different areas in order to achieve high standards of technical quality and efficiency, developing and implementing specific solutions for each situation.

IC MEJORA is a spanish company (founded in 2004) with offices located in Extremadura, southwest  of Spain, Don Benito.

Our servicies are: Environmental impact assesment, Environmental research and innovation, Environmental trainning, Environmental monitoring, Cimate Change, Green House Gas Emissions, Ecolabeling and Carbon footprint, among others.

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Velencei is a privately-owned nonprofit company established in 2000. It is a major water tourism service provider at Lake Velencei: operator of 3 passenger ships (capacity of 40-100 passengers) with a scheduled service and also rent-per-demand, 2 dragon boats (40 seats), 8 canoes (total capacity of 50) and a small aquarium house of 9 aquariums presenting the underwater fauna and flora of the Lake.

Guided tours for groups (from children to adults) and individuals on the Lake, geocatching on water, birdwatching, visit to the bird sanctuary on water and many other programmes also available.

Velencei is actively involved in local tourism cooperation, develops and provides active tourism programmes with other companies around the Lake. It is also strongly involved in a wide range of development projects funded by national or EU resources: enhancement of the TDM activities, LEADER cooperation,  intangible cultural heritage projects etc.

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INUK is a non-profit research organisation, which was founded in 2012 in order to research and accelerate the development of responsible and accountable business communication models and strategies that are based on the principle of shared value creation. At Institute we strongly believe in concept of shared value, which involves creating economic value (CSV) in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges.

Our research is focused on modern marketing and communication models and strategies that support new way of business thinking, with emphasis on co-creation, co-innovation, crowdsourcing, open innovation, marketing research online communities, and other engagement models.

INUK is also a training expert, project and corporate management, marketing and branding consultant. As such in EFFT project contributes to development, implementation and promotion of sustainable tourism, and encourages cooperation and resposible engagement of tourism agents on Drava river between Maribor and Ptuj lake.





The Institute of Tourism, established in 1972 by a resolution of the Council of Ministers, is the research institution conducting interdisciplinary and comprehensive studies of tourism and recreation. Since 2012 the Institute of Tourism has been a separate organisational unit of the Warsaw School of Tourism & Hospitality Management within the Group of Vistula Universities.

Every year, using the expertise and skills of its researchers and partners as well as extensive databases, the Institute of Tourism collects data and prepares dozens of studies and expert opinions on domestic, inbound and outbound tourist traffic, regional tourism development programmes and tourism investments.

During the forty years of operation, the Institute of Tourism has completed a number of studies and research projects for clients such as the Polish government, voivodship authorities, national and regional organisations, banks, investors as well as tourism businesses.





Karuskose OÜ (also known as ) is a small local tourim company, operating in Soomaa National park since 1994.

We are providing guided wilderness experiences.  Organizing selfguided and guided canoe trips, bog-walking and bogshoeing trips, 

kickspark trips, cross-country skiing experiences, beaver watching safaries, botanical excursions, dugout canoe making workshops. 

We also help visitors to connect to local accommodation, food, saunas, guide service and transport.

Karuskose has been cerified by PAN Parks for excellence in sustainable tourism. Aivar Ruukel, the owner of Karuskose OÜ. is BOA member of EDEN Association, largest European network of sustainable tourism destinations. He also acts as educator and consultant in ecotourism development and social media marketing.




Created in 2009, the European Federation of Nautical Tourisme Destinations (FEDETON) is an initiative of the French and Spanish networks of Nautical Destinations. Together they cover 20 regions, 300 municipalities and over 2,500 companies along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, Channel, Northern Sea and overseas.

The model for these networks aims at improving the competitiveness and sustainability of Tourism in marine and coastal destinations and responds to the challenge arising from the fragmentation of the tourism value chain.

The French and Spanish associations of Nautical Destinations –known as “France Station Nautique” and “Asociación Española de Estaciones Náuticas”- are formed by tourism destinations specializing in nautical tourism.

Each network promotes the collaboration among stakeholders at destination level in order to realise their potential as nautical destinations, develop specialised products and services, and make them available to the public in general and particularly to actual and potential tourists.



About EFF Tourism

Environmental Footprint of Fluvial Tourism aims to encourage sustainable initiatives and measures in the natural spaces where fluvial tourism activities take place.

The EFF TOURISM project is being implemented by a consortium of seven organizations from France,  Slovenia,  Poland,  Estonia,  Hungary  and  Spain.



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commision cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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