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The third project meeting was organized by FEDETON and took place in Nogent Sur Marne (Paris area, France) the 24th and 25th November, 2016. Nogent sur Marne is a picturesque town on the Marne River, recognized by Parisian citizens for its leisure, conviviality and nautical sports.

The contents treated during the meeting were:

-          Presentation of an overview of the project´s current state and progress since the previous meeting, which took place in Maribor in May 2016.

-          Presentation of the draft of the self-scan by IC MEJORA, and discussion and feedback from the rest of partners.

-          KARUSKOSE presented the current state of the learning materials and their main contents, after a discussion on the approach and structure, contents were distributed among the partners.

-          Proposal on the pilot validation by ITW and discussion on the agreed action plan for this task.

-          Presentation of the action plan and distribution of tasks related to the elaboration of the EFFT policy briefs and guides.

-          Presentation and next steps to be taken regarding dissemination, quality and reporting.

-          Agreed action plan to be followed by the consortium for the coming months.

-          Dates and venue of the final meeting, which will take place in Cáceres, at the end of September.

During the meeting, project partners had the opportunity to exchange impressions with representatives from the Nautical Station of Vallee de la Marne, as well as from Board of tourism of Val de la Marnee, who presented their organizations and activities and got to know more information about the project. Then, they were able to explore further opportunities of collaboration with project partners during the lunch.

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The second project meeting took place in Maribor (Slovenia), on 18th and 19 May. It was organized by INUK and its main contents were:

  • Presentation of the EFF TOURISM´s state of play.
  • Presentation of the Skills Framework report and results for each project area.
  • First Steps for the Design of the Self-Scan Tool and methodology for elaborating Training Materials on sustainable fluvial tourism.
  • Brainstorming session for addressing the exploitation of the final project´s results.
  • Project Dissemination, Quality and Management.
  • Planning for the next project months.
  • Dates and Venues for the third project meeting, in Paris. 
  • Partners also had the opportunity to know more about one of the project areas: Drava River (located in Maribor); through a ride on the fluvial cruise operating on this river.


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The project´s kick off meeting took place in Szekesfehervar (Hungary) on 10th and 11th of November 2015.

Main contents of the meeting were:

  • Presentation of the partners.
  • Project overview and adaptations according to the evaluation of the NA.
  • Skills Framework: Partners dicussed concrete steps to execute this firt output.
  • Self Scan: other similar tools were presented by IC MEJORA, and also partners decided on how to approach this.
  • Main dissemination channels, tools and activities to be implemented by the partners.
  • Project coordination and quality.
  • Dates and venue for the next meeting in Maribor, Slovenia.

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About EFF Tourism

Environmental Footprint of Fluvial Tourism aims to encourage sustainable initiatives and measures in the natural spaces where fluvial tourism activities take place.

The EFF TOURISM project is being implemented by a consortium of seven organizations from France,  Slovenia,  Poland,  Estonia,  Hungary  and  Spain.



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